Which factors changed the perception of the economic viability of Jatropha biodiesel as an alternative fuel?

By Loes van Rooijen Quote: “In less than a decade, jatropha was transformed from a promising and commercially viable biofuel crop into a green-policy parasite, living on subsidies and green investments.”  One of the aspects of biofuel development that was

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Why have the mandatory blending targets and pricing subsidies not yet transformed the fuel market in Indonesia?

By Loes van Rooijen Quote: “Eventually, he [the director of RNI] became influential in the creation of national energy policy that appointed jatropha as a major source of biodiesel and included mandatory biofuel blending targets.” The Indonesian government has made

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What is Jatropha?

By Maja Slingerland and Juliana Tjeuw Quote: “Jatropha curcas Linn was promoted as miracle crop capable of producing biofuel” Introduction At first jatropha was grown not as a commodity, but for the intrinsic value of the tree. Traditionally it is,

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