What type of land has been targeted for jatropha cultivation in the Philippines?

By Denyse Snelder Quote: “The company claimed to have access to millions of hectares of land for potential jatropha cultivation in Africa and Asia. However, the remote locations of these marginal lands made the company’s claims difficult to verify.” Governments

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Why did Jatropha cultivation appeal to farmers in West Kalimantan?

By Pujo Semedi Quote: “In Indonesia, promoted by government officials, the promotion of jatropha reached farmers across the vast archipelago. Subsequently, some farmers immediately began cultivating it [….]” The spread of jatropha in West Kalimantan around 2006 was well-received by

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What are the benefits of analyzing Jatropha activities as a commoditization process?

By Jacqueline Vel Quote: “Reflecting on this experience, this article concludes that future policies can be improved by (….) addressing difficulties in the commoditization process” In the research program JARAK, activities in the emerging jatropha sector have been studied as

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