The (relevant) context of jatropha development

by Gerard Persoon Quote: Jatropha in Indonesia The section title ‘Jatropha in Indonesia’ announces that the general discussion about jatropha will be put in its national ‘context’ – a concept that is often used in social science descriptions and analyses.

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What characterizes the political context of Jatropha actors in Indonesia?

By Henk Schulte Nordholt Quote: “Previous research on agrarian change, state-society relations and local politics in Indonesia portrays societal change and policy implementation as product of interactions between influential actors who gain mutual benefits within their networks.” The answer is:

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How did the idea of using Jatropha for biofuel emerge in Indonesia?

By Suraya Afiff Quote: “Jatropha development for modern biofuel production in Indonesia started in 1994.”  Publications about jatropha usually start with the hype and subsequently explain the downfall. They skip the history leading to the hype, and do not explain

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