How should “projects” be contextualized in the Jatropha sector?

By Henky Widjaja Quote: “However, the definition of ‘projects’ here is crucial: it is a translation of the Indonesian concept of proyek, a delineated set of activities during a fixed and limited period of time for which there is a

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Why did Jatropha cultivation appeal to farmers in West Kalimantan?

By Pujo Semedi Quote: “In Indonesia, promoted by government officials, the promotion of jatropha reached farmers across the vast archipelago. Subsequently, some farmers immediately began cultivating it [….]” The spread of jatropha in West Kalimantan around 2006 was well-received by

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What explains the non-implementation of Jatropha schemes?

By Jacqueline Vel Quote: “Typically, within a year or two, the jatropha project would be declared a failure – blaming local conditions and population – and the project developer would disappear, leaving shareholders with worthless shares and increasing farmers’ and

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