Why has there been structural support for cultivating oil palm and rubber in West Kalimantan, but not for Jatropha?

By Pujo Semedi Quote: “With regard to local government, there should also be a strengthening of policy implementation in districts with ‘marginal land’.” As jatropha fever swept all over Indonesia in 2006, it caught West Kalimantan in its grip. Hundreds

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Is Jatropha a miracle crop producing high yields on marginal lands?

By Maja Slingerland, Juliana Tjeuw, Sony Suharsono and Rully Dyah Purwati Quote: “Prior to 2007, Jatropha curcas Linn. was promoted as a miracle crop capable of producing biofuel from marginal and degraded lands.” Plant growth can be understood based on

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