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Reconsidering Craft as Pedagogy from Below


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Monday, 16 March 2015 to Tuesday, 17 March 2015



The IIAS Roundtable at Jaipur was a strategic meeting to develop clear, policy-relevant, recommendations for the rehabilitation of crafts knowledge in humanistic education, particularly drawing upon Asian experiences. Since there will be no monologues or seminar like presentations, the role of moderators to steer and develop the discussion on the prescribed themes is crucial. The Roundtable is a collective endeavour aimed at concrete deliverables at the end of the two day session.

The first day was devoted to framing the discussions with the questions of why and for whom (Session 1) and to taking stock of what already exists programmatically in the world and especially in Asia (Sessions 2, 3). The second day sessions focused on concrete new ideas that will enhance Crafts Knowledge and Practice in institutional (and non-institutional) education. The last session will help frame a policy model aimed at shaping alternative humanistic knowledge towards an outline of a new proposal with potentially interested partners.

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