Tiffany Strawson


Tiffany Strawson is a PhD student at the University of Plymouth, United Kingdom. Since 1998 Tiffany has lived between Ubud, Bali and Dartmoor, England. Her work and research is intercultural and focuses on the embodiment of the Balinese mask in a post-traditional performance context. 

In Bali Tiffany performs topeng (masked dance drama) in temple ceremonies alongside continual training in carving and dance with Ida Bagus Alit from Lod Tundduh. In 2012 Tiffany toured with Grup Gedebong Goyang including performances at the Bali Arts Festival. In the UK, Tiffany performs and teaches topeng in an attempt to translate the genre and communicate some of the many cultural nuances involved in mask-work. Tiffany is the lead artist for ‘Bali UN-Masked’; an ongoing intercultural collaboration between professional Balinese teachers and British students. Exchanges have so far happened in Bali in 2006 and then in the UK in 2008 and 2012. In her paper Tiffany deals with some of the challenges and obstacles that working interculturally presents.