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Susan Visvanathan is Professor of Sociology at CSSS, JNU and the author of many books, including The Christians of Kerala (OUP 1993) Friendship, Interiority and Mysticism (Orient Blackswan 2007) and The Children of Nature: The Life and Legacy of Ramana Maharshi (Roli 2010) She is the editor of Structure and Transformation (OUP 2001) and her most recent books are Reading Marx, Weber and Durkheim (Palm Leaf Publications 2012) and The Wisdom of Community (Palmleaf Publications 2015 forthcoming)  She has been Fellow of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library and Hon Fellow of the Indian Institute of Advanced Societies. She was trained at Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University. She has been Visiting Professor at MSH, Paris and Universite Paris 13, also at Queen's University Belfast as Charles Wallace Fellow, and guest faculty at Freie University, Berlin and at University of California at San Diego and at Santa Cruz. She is  a well known writer of  literary fiction. She joined JNU in 1997, having taught 13 years previously at Hindu College.