Sheyla S. Zandonai


Sheyla S. Zandonai holds a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology (2013) from the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), France. Since June 2014, she is Research Associate at the Laboratoire Architecture Anthropologie (LAA), École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette. After holding a Postdoctoral Fellow position in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Macau, China (2014), she temporarily joined Trent University (Canada) as a Lecturer of Ethnography in 2015. Sheyla Zandonai has conducted extensive fieldwork in Macau during her doctoral and postdoctoral studies. Her current research examines the relationships between urban renewal, neoliberalism, the political economy of gambling and tourism, and the emergence of practices and discourses of heritage in Macau. 

Paper title: 

The colonization of space: Casino sprawl and the intimacy of city life in Macau