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Sarah Suib holds an MSc in Strategic Product Design from Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) Faculty, TU Delft (2012) and a BSc in Industrial Design from Malaysia University of Technology (2006). After finishing her bachelor degree, she worked as a designer as well as a R&D executive for 3.5 years in Malaysia before pursuing her Master’s degree in the Netherlands. Since 2012,  she has been working as a Ph.D Researcher under Design for Sustainability (DfS) program in the Design Engineering Department (DE), IDE Faculty, TU Delft. Her research focuses on sustainable development of heritage products, with the aims to develop a framework to structurally explore and mobilize heritage values as one of the sources of creative input during New Product Development (NPD) project. Currently, the research focuses on the context Malaysia’s and Vietnam’s handicraft industry, where local SMEs, craftspersons and support organizations collaborate to develop new product creations inspired by local heritage. The framework is inherently adapted to increase product novelty and intrinsically built social cohesion, building a sustainable cycle within the local economy by empowering local communities to strategically and efficiently make use of local knowledge and local resources in NPD project.