Rune Kobayashi


Rune Kobayashi is in the doctoral course at the Graduate School of Intercultural Studies at Kobe University in Japan, after graduating a MA in European Cultural Policy and Management from University of Warwick in the UK and a master’s degree in International Public Policy from Osaka University in Japan. She is engaged in some commissioned researches by the local councils: assessment of the public theatre and analysis of the opinion surveys about regional cultural policy. One of her current research topics is the ‘regional art projects’ as a means of rural regeneration in Japan, as well as the evaluation of the social impact of these trials. She also investigates the ‘community arts’ movement from the 1960th to the 1980th in the East London, exploring how the Arts Council Great Britain evaluated its impact. At the same time, she works at an independent theatre based on Buddhism temple called Outenin in Osaka as an art director, organising the contemporary art exhibitions and theatrical workshops for local residents and children. Currently, she teaches at the Department of Art Studies and Cultural Production at Kyoto University of Art & Design.

Joint work ‘Alternative Space: Possibility of collaboration with the public cultural institutions’, in Publicness of Public Theatre: management, collaboration and philosophy, Tokyo: Suiyosya, 2011. (in Japanese) Document book of Kishiwada Cultural Fundation, Namikiri-Hall 2002-2010;Reconsideration of the community and its culture, Tokyo: Suiyosya, 2012. (in Japanese)