Roshan Sahi


Roshan Sahi was born in 1975. He studied Fine Art in Viswa- Bharathi, Shantiniketan 1993-96.

In 1996 he co-founded Labyrinth Design Collaborative, a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary Design Lab. In 1997 he was invited to do a professional training in the traditional technique of glass mural making near Venice, ItaIy.

In 1998 he was invited to conduct Art workshops in Finland. Roshan has travelled across Europe and India professionally working as a facilitator and consultant in different institutions and contexts such as ceramics, painting, woodwork, land art and working on organic farms.

In 2005 he was invited to be an Arts Pedagogy Consultant for Vidyankura, National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) Bengaluru, which worked in partnership with the District Quality Education Programme (DQEP) an NCERT (National Council for Educational Research and Training) initiative. For the next five years he conducted Arts Pedagogy workshop for Government School Teachers across Karnataka and specifically in Chamrajnagar District.

In 2008 he collaborated with Jane Sahi to compile an Art in Education Handbook for Primary School Teachers. Roshan during this period was invited to conduct Art Pedagogy workshops across India. He has been particularly engaged with children from underprivileged backgrounds and also with special needs children.

From 2009-11 he worked in London as a horticultural therapist in an institute supporting adults with learning disabilities. During this period he did his foundation studies with the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) studying horticulture and garden design. Presently Roshan is faculty at Srishti College for Design, Art and Technology, Bangalore.

 Roshan works for CERTAD (Centre for Education Research Training and Development). He also works as an Art Pedagogy consultant and Art facilitator in other institutions and organisations such as the Regional Institute for Education (NCERT) Mysore. Roshan shares his expertise in the field of horticultural and craft therapy for Autistic adults and children at the Autistic Society of India (ASI) Bengaluru.

Roshan continues to practice as a craftsperson/artist, garden designer and educator. He has had art exhibitions and designed gardens in UK and India. Roshan is passionate to pursue his work connecting the field of arts and craft pedagogy, arts/craft practice, social transformation, environmentalism and ecology.