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Prof. Pramod Kumar is Chairperson of the Punjab Governance Reforms Commission (PGRC), Government of Punjab, Chandigarh and Director, Institute for Development and Communication (IDC), Chandigarh. His work focuses on three interrelated themes of politics of development and governance; politics of conflict management and resolution and practice of democracy through empirical methodologies and analysis of public policy and peoples movements. He is a recipient of the prestigious Homi Bhabha Award for the year 1988‑1990.

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Religious violence in the old cities of India with special focus on socio-spatial segregation and its relationship with social and religious conflicts, local governance and demographic and economic patterns.

Selected publications: 

Prof. Kumar along with his team produced 16 reports. He has published two books ‘Towards Understanding Communalism’ (ed.) (1992) and ‘Polluting Sacred Faith’ (1992). He also published number of articles on this issues in prestigious journals.