Michèle H.S Demandt


Michèle H.S Demandt is a doctoral candidate at the Sun-Yatsen University, China. She has received her B.A. in Sinology from Ghent University, and her M.A. in Archaeology from Leiden University. She is currently specializing in Chinese and Southeast Asian archaeology, with a focus on the Metal Age cultures comprising the border areas of southern China and Northern Vietnam. More specifically, her work examines the range of local and intra-regional exchange activities of the Dong Son Culture in North Vietnam, during the period 500 BC - 200AD. Her research interests include the early historical period of Southeast Asia, state formation, as well as craft production and specialization. Michèle has a solid background in languages, and is fluent in Dutch,  English, Mandarin and French. While pursuing her degree, she has been working as an English teacher, and assisting the academic staff of Sun-Yatsen University with Chinese, French and English translations. She has further gained valuable practical experience while working in the Hepu Museum (Guangxi province), that studies pre Qin, and Han period artefacts.