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Marloes van Houten (1982) is a researcher, expressive arts trainer/coach, a movement educator and a performing artist. In the Netherlands she graduated in Performing & Community Arts (BA), Visual Arts (PI certificate), International Development Studies (MSc. Honors), 'Expressive Arts for Therapy and Education (Advanced Post-Master) and got several other certificates to teach sport, power yoga, training in nonviolent communication, somatic & bodywork in relationships, and nature coaching.     

Marloes currently works and lives in Hong Kong where she does a PhD research focused on “movement/ performance in personal and community transition” at the Lingnan University. She started to mix and mingle with Hong Kong’s arts scene, and recently acted as a dancer/singer in ‘The Second Tower of Babel’, a Japanese/Cantonese on-site dance theatre project. The project is an integral part of her PHD research, and is to be continued. In the upcoming two years the Netherlands will be included as a partner in this international dance research on the deconstruction and reconstruction, and on questions of home and belonging.    

While raised in the Netherlands she lived, did research and danced in Eastern Europe, South Asia, Canada, Brasil, Mexico and Hong Kong, on development, civic education, peace building, movement and community art projects. In 2013, she founded an expressive art coaching practice ( and a platform on Arts for Transformation (
Her recent choreographies and performances include a multi-media solo performance "silence and solitude" (2014), a dance video project "Next Step"(2014), a solo dance performance with live musicians "Home" (2014), and a dance poet assignment "De Dansende Huisdichter" (2014).

Selected publications: 

Marloes van Houten published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, edited book volumes, and other online media. These publications are based on her MSc research in Nepal, other research assignments or community involvement, for example on art & social justice; doing fieldwork in crisis area; organizational learning of humanitarian organizations and their Southern partners; creative peace and human rights education; and youth and social change. See here for some of these publications: 

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