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Lazare KI-ZERBO has studied philosophy at the Husserl Archives of the Ecole normale supĂ©rieure in Paris and earned a PH.D at Poitiers University in 1994, on a Contribution to a phenomenological approach to the social ontology departing from Edmund Husserl. He then taught at Ouagadougou university in Burkina Faso where he contributed to the founding of the Mouvement of the intellectuals for freedom. His research fields are: history of Pan-Africanism, particularly : Pan-African Library concept and project;   the right to development, human rights emplementation related to the prevention of torture and the protection of economic, social and cultural rights, social transformation processes in Africa. Dr. Ki-Zerbo has edited African studies in geography from below (CODESRIA, Dakar, 2008); The Pan-African Movement in the 20th century: an anthology(OIF, Paris, 2013), The Pan-African ideal (forthcoming, CODESRIA, 2015), The African diaspora (translation into french of a book by patrick Manning). Dr. Ki-Zerbo is also member of the African network for global history, and is deputy chairman of the International Joseph Ki-Zerbo committee for Africa and the disapora.