Kearrin Sims

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Trained in sociology and international relations, Kearrin’s current research draws on recent work in human geography, sociology, development studies, urban theory, human rights and global studies. His primary research interests include: (1) the socio-economic ‘rise’ of Asia and growing transnational interconnectivities within the region, (2) the geopolitics of international development and the emergence of ‘new’ non-Western bilateral and multilateral aid flows, (3) community transformations and social upheavals brought about by development interventions and rapid socio-economic change, and (4) alternative pathways for sustainable development and community wellbeing. Kearrin completed his PhD in 2015 and the majority of his work to date has focused on mainland Southeast Asia, Chinese aid and investment, and the least developed country of Laos. More information on his research and publications can be found on his personal website at or at


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Gambling on the Future: Casino Enclaves and the Making of a Modern Laos