Hsin-Jung Liu


Parallel with my academic practice as an assistant professor in Department of Architecture of Tamkang University in northern Taipei since 1996, I also involve in community planning and urban regeneration with participatory approach to empower the right of grassroots.

And as a board member of Organization of Urban Re-s (OURs) which set up in 1989, I constantly concern with human right on habitation and other social justice issues as well. Today, these concerns become more urgent, not only for me and other members of OURs, but also for all citizens in Taiwan because the land speculations have been driven up the price of real estate to an unaffordable rate, and lead the poverty gap expand sharply in our society. Moreover, the urban renewal process driven by speculative behavior nowadays tends to make piecemeal and silent eviction toward the unprivileged populace scattered among the city. I hope sincerely that we can find some good solutions from our neighbor countries in this workshop.