Henrik Kloppenborg Møller


Henrik Kloppenborg Møller is a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology, Lund University, Sweden. He holds a BA and M.Sc. in Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Møller’s work focuses on the relation between subjects and objects, surface and substance, the tangible and intangible, economy and spirituality, exploring processes, whereby boundaries between such conceptual and material domains are both imploded and re-asserted. Møller’s M.Sc. thesis discussed the relation between social positioning among Chinese vendors and economic middlemen in Shanghai, and the ontology of counterfeit commodities associated with them. His PhD project examines the effects of the gemstone jadeite in concretizing and mobilizing conceptions about the body, value, society and different temporal orders in the Sino-Myanmar borderlands. The project builds primarily upon ethnographic fieldwork among carvers, traders and consumers of jadeite in the Dehong prefecture of China’s Yunnan province. Møller has done around two years of fieldwork in China so far. He has given lectures on various issues in contemporary China, as well as on fieldwork methods, gender, and sociological / anthropological theory.