Goenawan Mohamad


Goenawan Mohamad is an Indonesian poet, playwright, librettist and public intellectual. His works consist of several books of poetry, the most recent being Gandari (The Blindfolded Mother); plays and libretto, including Letters of Karna; and essays, including Marxisme, Seni, dan Pembebasan (Marxism, the Arts and Emancipation), Tuhan dan Hal-hal yang Tak Selesai (God and Other Unfinished Things). The tenth volume of his collected opinion-pieces, Catatan Pinggir (Sidelines), has just been released.

He was the founder and chief editor of weekly news magazine Tempo, until 2000. Tempowas twice forcibly closed by Suharto’s New Order administration because of its criticism of the authoritarian regime. In 1999, Goenawan was named International Editor of the Year by World Press Review magazine. Currently with other writers and artists he runs a small cultural centre in Jakarta, known as Komunitas Salihara.