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Dashdondog Bayarsaikhan


Dashdondog Bayarsaikhan is a professor of history, National University of Mongolia, a specialist of the Mongol Empire. She defended her DPhil dissertation at Oxford University (UK) on the political relations of the Mongols and the Armenians. In 2011, her book The Mongols and the Armenians (1220-1335) was published at Brill, Leiden.

Currently D. Bayarsaikhan is working on the section of the Armenian Sources for a Cambridge History of the Mongol Empire; and on two entries for the The Mongol Empire: A Historical Encyclopedia by ABC-CLIO.

She participated in a research project by the Gerda Henkel Stiftung on the Archival Documents of the Mongolian Administration (17th-19th centuries) at Bonn University in 2010-2012. The project was designed to assess the Mongolian administrative archival materials of the 17th-19th centuries from the perspective of applied history. The result of the research project will be published as a book in 2015.