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Bryce Beemer is 2-year visiting Assistant Professor of History at Colby College, USA. He studied Southeast Asian and World History at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. His dissertation, “The Creole City in Mainland Southeast Asia: Slave Gathering Warfare and Cultural Exchange in Burma, Thailand and Manipur, 18th – 19th C.,” (completed December 2013) looks at slave taking as a vector for cultural exchange in the Southeast Asia region. His research focuses especially on captured artisans who were frequently incorporated in the royal service system of the state that captured them. Surviving artwork from this period is used as source materials to assess the influence of captive artisans on state projects. Part of this research involves the adaptation of “creolization,” a theory used by Caribbean historians to describe cultural exchange in the context of slavery, to the Southeast Asian context. He is currently at work preparing his dissertation for publication.