Besnik Aliaj


Graduated as Architect-Urban Designer1990, and postgraduate studies in real estate and property evaluation 1994/95 (Polytechnic of Tirana). Master in Urban Management 1996 at Urban Management Center (IHS & Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands). Doctor of Science in Urban Planning 2006 (Polytechnic of Tirana). ‘Docent’ academic title, and in process of receiving the 'Professorship' academic title. Professional trainings and research assignments at IPC College Denmark (1994), University of Oslo (1995), University of Florence, Tempus Program (1998), IVP Program on Urban Environmental Issues, State Department USA (2003), ILD Peru (2006/7). etc. Co-founder, and current Rector of POLIS University, International School of Architecture and Urban Development Policies, Tirana Albania. Lecturer of ‘Urban Design’ and ‘Regional Planning’ courses. 16-years as lecturer of Urban Design at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Polytechnic of Tirana, and head of the Urbanism Department 2003/5. Guest lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tirana (1994-2005); at Polytechnic of Ancona Italy (2008), at Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana (2007/8); at Faculty of Architecture, Darmstadt University, Germany (2007), at Faculty of Architecture, NTUA Greece (2008), at Stockholm Architecture Museum Sweden (2009), and Swiss Architecture Museum Basel Switzerland (2010), at Architecture Centrum, Vienna Austria,  and at Bina week Belgrade Serbia, as well as Skopje Architecture week, Macedonia (2011).

Solid work experience from local/regional governments up to adviser of Albanian prime-minister on territorial, tourism and property issues (2005-07). “Novelty of Tirana” Award (2004) and “Honorary Citizen” of Kamza Municipality (2006). Elected Municipal Councilor of capital Tirana since 2009 up to date. Extensive consultancy experiences with local institutions, as well as with international organizations in Albania and Kosovo including World Bank, UN and EU agencies, Dutch development agencies, OSCE, Stability Pact, SOROS Foundation, GTZ/GIZ, USAID, ATZ, and with governments of the Netherlands, USA, Austria, Kosovo, etc. Co-founder and Executive Director of Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development (1997-2005), and present day member of the Leading Board. Co-founder of Platforma-IDR, Institute for Democracy and Reforms.

Co-owner of architecture studio 'Metro_POLIS' ltd. Participant in many international conferences, events and networks, including ENHR, AESOP, AEEA, Balkanology network, etc. He is author of several publications, scientific articles and local forums, including the Albanian periodical on architecture and urban planning: "Forum A+ P". Member of the board for AKTI National agency for technology and innovation, and government’s “Fund of Excellence” promoting young scientist in Albania.