Askar Djumashev


Askar Djumashev is Head of the Department of History of the Karakalpak Institute of Humanities, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.  The subject of his dissertation was “History of Karakalpakstan in the Governmental documents (1932-1941)” (1996 – PhD in History).

Alumnus DAAD (Germany, 2003-2004), Gerda Henkel Foundation (Germany, 2004-2006), Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany, 2009-2011). Participant of the Summer School “From History to Histories: Teaching the Past from a Local Perspective” in 2005-2007, organized by European University in St. Petersburg. Participant of the Seminar “Rethinking of the History of Central Asia” in 2006-2008, organized by the Corporative Foundation “Educational Center – Bilim – Central Asia”, Almaty (Kazakhstan). Participant of the Summer School “Writing History ‘From Below”: New Social History of Central Asian” in 2010-2012, organized by Turan University in Almaty (Kazakhstan).


The Karakalpak statehood of the XXth century, political elite, the national and repressive policy of the Soviet power, the policies of collectivisation, and demography.

Selected publications: 

Foreign and domestic historiography of history of Turkestan, Khoresm and Karakalpakstan in the first quarter of the XX-th century. Nukus: Karakalpakstan. 1997. (Ed. by B. Koshanov); Kazakhstan and Karakalpakstan: relation problems. [Russia and Kazakhstan: problems of history. (XX – early XXI century). Moscow, 2006. – pp. 133-158.]; Use of components of oral history in the Karakalpak’s historiography in the XXth century. Auftakt-Workshop: „Lebenswege in Qaraqalpaqstan (1945 bis heute). Raum und Erinnerung“. 7-9 Mai 2009. Berlin, Humboldt-Universität, Zentralasien-Seminar.