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Ablet Kamalov


Ablet Kamalov is a Chief Research Associate at the Institute of Oriental Studies named after R.B.Suleimenov MES RK and Professor of the University ‘Turan’, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


History and culture of the Uyghurs of Xinjiang (China) and Central Asia.

Selected publications: 

Publications include, among others, those on the history of the Eastern Turkistan Republic (ETR) and international relations in Xinjiang in the 1940s. His paper will discuss the early Soviet narrative on establishing Bolshevik power in Semirachye in present Kazakhstan with a special focus on the story of the massacre of the local Taranchi Uyghurs by the Bolshevik Red Army in the summer of 1918. An introduction of the letter of Admiral Kolchak to the Taranchi people of 1918 discovered by the Russian historian S. Iskhakov will be used to deconstruct the Soviet narrative of the civil war in Semirechye and characterize the massacre as an early action of “Red terror”.