Maja Slingerland

Phone: +31 317 483512

Postal Address:
Plant Sciences Department
Wageningen University
PO Box 430, 6700PB Wageningen,
The Netherlands

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Senior researcher at Plant Production Systems group and at the Center for Sustainable Development and Food Security, both Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

Educational Background /working experience
Dr. Maja Slingerland received her MSc and PhD degree in Animal Production Systems from Wageningen University. For 10 years, she lived in West Africa, working for SNV, FAO, and Wageningen University. Upon her return in the Netherlands in 2000, she was employed by Wageningen University with her main task in initiating, coordinating and executing interdisciplinary research programs with public and private partners from the Netherlands and abroad, dealing with topics of high societal relevance such as: (1) food chain approach to alleviate people’s micronutrient malnutrition (China, Benin, Burkina Faso); (2) Competing claims on natural resources (Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe); (3)Towards environmentally sustainable and equitable oil palm (Indonesia, Thailand). She has also supervised various PhD and MSc students’ theses, taught interdisciplinary courses and co-authored many scientific papers on a variety of topics.

Research Focus (thematic)
Her research focus is on the farm, household and its cropping, livestock and off-farm activities. Her work for the JARAK program includes agronomic research on Jatropha focusing on ways to increase its yield and to assess its suitability in the farming systems (monoculture, hedges, intercropping), households (labor, monetary inputs) and in supply chains (market, processing unit). Competing claims on land is a relevant theme in the Indonesian case, as production of bioenergy may compete with the production of food and forest and requires negotiations amongst claimants.

Research focus (geographical)
She is currently working in Mozambique, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, and Ethiopia. For the Jarak project she supervises the work done by Juliana Tjeuw in Gunung Kidul regency (experiments on intercropping, pruning, fertilizer treatments, variety trials) on Java and on Sumbawa island (hedges, intercropping in hedges, pruning experiments).

Contributions to E-Publication

(Main) Publications
2014          Schut, M., Cunha Soares, N., van de Ven, G.W.J., Slingerland, M. Multi-actor governance of sustainable biofuels in developing countries: The case of Mozambique. Energy Policy 65, 631-643

2014          Maja Slingerland and Marc Schut. Understanding jatropha developments in Mozambique. Analysis of drivers influencing niche-regime interactions. Sustainability 5, 1-x; doi: 10.3390/su50x000x