Pujo Semedi


Email: pujosemedi@ugm.ac.id
Phone: +62 274 550 450

Postal Address:
Department of Anthropology,
Gadjah Mada University,
Jl. Sosio Humaniora No. 1 Bulaksumur,

Personal webpage

Associate professor at the Dept. of Anthropology, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Gadjah Mada University. Project title “Jatropha and oil palm in West Kalimantan”.

Research Background
In the last fifteen years, Dr. Pujo Semedi has been engaging in historical-ethnographic research to reveal the plurality of Javanese and Kalimantan rural communities from a socio-economic perspective, especially focusing on how variations in access to crucial resources lead to variations in socio-cultural configurations. In relation to his original research, Pujo Semedi has been a research collaborator in the Université de Montréal based ChATSEA (Challenge of Agrarian Transformation in Southeast Asia) (2008-2011), a co-researcher of prof. Tania Li’s project of “Production of Wealth and Poverty in New Indonesian Rural Economies” (2010 -2012), a fellow researcher in Gadjah Mada University’s and Leiden University’s project “JARAK: The commodification of an alternative biofuel crop in Indonesia” (2011 – 2014), a fellow researcher in the Institute of Anthropology and Linguistic (KITLV)’s project of “From Clients to Citizens? Emerging Citizenship in Democratising Indonesia” (2012-2015), a principal researcher in Gadjah Mada University’s and University of Agder’s project “In Search of Balance. State, Private Sectors and Civil Society in Indonesia” (2012-2016), and a fellow researcher in Gadjah Mada University’s and Radboud University’s project “Indonesian New Frontiers” (2012-2015).

Research Focus
The comparison between the cultivation of jatropha and palm oil as biofuel crops.

Research location
Sanggau Regency, West Kalimantan.

Contributions to E-Publication


2009,         “Wild Pig Hunting in Petungkriono”. Article in Humaniora. Vol. 2.

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2012,         ‘Masculinization of a Javanese farming society’, in Jonathan Rigg and Peter Vandergeest (eds.) Revisiting Rural Places, Singapore: NUS Press, pp. 179–192.

2014,         “Book review ‘James Scott’s Decoding subaltern politics. Ideology, disguise and resistance in agrarian politics’” in BKI 170. Vol 1. pp. 153-156.

2014,         “Palm Oil Wealth and Rumour Panics in West Kalimantan” in Forum for Development Studies http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/08039410.2014.901240

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