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Jacqueline Vel

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Post: Van Vollenhoven Institute,
Leiden Law School, Postbus 9520, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands

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Senior researcher at the Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Development (VVI), Leiden Law School, the Netherlands. She is researcher in and  coordinator of the JARAK program.

Educational Background and working experience
After obtaining her MsC degree at Wageningen University in agricultural  and development economics, Dr. Ir. Jacqueline Vel worked for six years in a grass root rural development project in Sumba (NTT), Indonesia. She obtained her PhD degree (1994) at Wageningen Agricultural University, and was researcher/lecturer at the University of Amsterdam (Asian Studies) in 1998-2006. Since 2006 she is researcher at the VVI at the Leiden Law School.

Research Focus (thematic)
Jacqueline Vel has been developing a common analytical framework for JARAK, and – with Adriaan Bedner – a socio-legal studies contribution to global value chain research. Her JARAK field work resulted in articles about patterns in large scale land schemes, and the role of commercial brokers in the Jatropha sector. Her publications in social and socio-legal science thematically concentrate on land rights, natural resources, democratization, local politics and rural development. Several articles and the translation of her PhD thesis have been published in Bahasa Indonesia. Previous to the JARAK program, Jacqueline was researcher in the program “Access to Justice in Indonesia”, and in the INDIRA program on land law issues related to decentralisation.

Research focus (geographical)
In general, research focus is on Indonesia. Sumba Island in Eastern Indonesia has been Jacqueline’s continuous field work site, from 1984 when she first worked there, until the most recent visit in February 2014. In 2008 she published a book highlighting her 20-year observations on local network politics and the political transformations in one of Indonesia’s most ‘traditional’ islands, entitled: “Uma Politics: an ethnography of democratization in West Sumba, Indonesia, 1986-2006”.  For the NGO Hivos she wrote “Plants for Power” in 2012,  a report of a study about the potential for cultivating crops as feedstock for energy production on Sumba, including considerations about social sustainability.

Contributions to this E-Publication

(Main) Publications

2014.         Vel, Jacqueline. “Trading in Discursive Commodities: Biofuel Brokers’ Roles in Perpetuating the Jatropha Hype in Indonesia” Sustainability 6 (5), 2802-2821.

2013.         Vel, J.A.C. & A.W. Bedner. Addressing a ‘Globalized Social’: Mobilization of Law in Global Networks with Reference to Biofuel Production in Indonesia. In: Feenan D. (Ed.) Exploring the ‘Socio’ of Socio Legal Studies. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 157-180

2012.         McCarthy, J.F. & Vel, J.A.C. & Afiff, S. Trajectories of land acquisition and enclosure: development schemes, virtual land grabs, and green acquisitions in Indonesia’s Outer Islands. Journal of Peasant Studies (The), 39 (2), pp. 521-549.

2008.         Vel, J.A.C. “Miracle solution or imminent disaster? Jatropha biofuel production in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara” Inside Indonesia 91, (January-March) http://insideindonesia.org/content/view/1052/47/

2010.         Vel, J.A.C. Ekonomi Uma: Penerapan adat dalam dinamika ekonomi berbasis kekerabatan. Jakarta: HuMa/KITLV Jakarta/Van Vollenhoven Institute.

2008.         Vel, J.A.C. Uma politics: an ethnography of democratization in West Sumba 1986-2006, Leiden: KITLV Press. http://www.kitlv.nl/book/show/1238.

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