Henky Widjaja

Henky Widjaja
Email: h.widjaja@law.leidenuniv.nl
Phone: 31 (0)71 527 7260

Postal Address:
Van Vollenhoven Institute,
Room 3.21 Leiden Law School,
Leiden University
Steenschuur 25,
Leiden 2311 ES,
The Netherlands

Personal webpage

Ph.D. Researcher at the Van Vollenhoven Institute and the Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Leiden University. Project title ‘Jatropha in South Sulawesi: Cultivation, Trade and Discourses’.

Educational Background /working experience
Henky Widjaja has a professional background as a program staff for several international development organizations (JICA, UNDP, the World Bank and AusAID) focusing on decentralization policy, local economic and agribusiness developments in eastern Indonesia. He earned his bachelor degree in economics from Universitas Hasanuddin in Makassar, Indonesia and studied development studies, poverty studies and policy analysis for his master degree at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Research Focus (thematic)
His research focuses on the experiences of jatropha projects in South Sulawesi in the period of 2007-2011. The aim of this research is to examine the rise and fall of jatropha in South Sulawesi by analyzing the local contexts that was influential to the process. It also examines the contextualization of failure in the observed projects.

Research focus (geographical)

Indonesia with a special focus on South Sulawesi.

Contributions to E-Publication

(Main) Publications
2014.         Widjaja, Henky. Konflik di Segitiga Adat, Migrasi dan Tanaman Komoditas, in Karzi, U. Z. (ed. ) Mengapa Kita Berkonflik?, Indepth Publishing, Indonesia.

2010.       Widjaja, Henky. Tanaman Jarak: Kritik Terhadap Klaim, Jong Indonesia On-line Magazine, February.

2009.         Widjaja, Henky. Contract Farming and Smallholders: Critical Perspective on Peanuts Contract Farming in NTB Province of Indonesia, VDM.

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