Adriaan Bedner

Adriaan Bedner


Phone: +31 (0)71 527 7252

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Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden

Dr. Adriaan Bedner is a senior lecturer at the Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Development (Leiden Law School, Leiden University).

Educational Background /working experience
Dr. Bedner has been project leader and/or steering board member of several research projects in Indonesia sponsored by the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences. He has supervised numerous PhD-students and teaches several courses in the Faculty of Law at Leiden University on Indonesian law and governance and in the field of socio-legal studies. Furthermore, Dr. Bedner has been involved in extra-curricular teaching within the framework of Indonesian-Netherlands’ legal co-operation programmes, including the enforcement of environmental law, the advancement of socio-legal studies in Indonesia and Law, Governance and Development. He has also taught to diplomats of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His consultancy work for the Van Vollenhoven Institute includes numerous assignments for giving expert evidence in court cases involving aspects of Indonesian law, as well as advisory work for Indonesian institutions and the Ugandan Judicial Studies Centre.

Research Focus (thematic)
Most of his research has been on law in Indonesia, with a particular focus on access to justice, dispute resolution and the judiciary. This has led to publications on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from administrative courts and environmental litigation to changes in marriage law regimes and state responses to witchcraft. He has also done work of a more theoretical and comparative nature, notable on rule of law and access to justice.

Research focus (geographical)

Contributions to this E-Publication

(Main) Publications

2013         Vel J.A.C. & Bedner A.W. Addressing a ‘Globalized Social’: Mobilization of Law in Global Networks with Reference to Biofuel Production in Indonesia. In: Feenan D. (Ed.) Exploring the ‘Socio’ of Socio-Legal Studies. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 157-180

2013         Bedner A.W. Indonesian Legal Scholarship and Jurisprudence as an Obstacle for Transplanting Legal Institutions , Hague Journal on the Rule of Law 5(2): 253-273.

2013         Bedner A.W. Editorial: Developing the Rule of Law in East Asia, Hague Journal on the Rule of Law 5(2): 141-145.

2012         Bedner A.W. Suatu pendekatan elementer terhadap negara hukum [An Elementary Approach to the Rule of Law]. In: Bedner A.W., Irianto S., Otto J.M., Wirastri T.D. (Eds.) Kajian Sosio-Legal [Socio-Legal Studies]. Jakarta: Pustaka Larasa; Universitas Indonesia; Universitas Leiden; Universitas Groningen. 45-80.

2012         Bedner A.W. & Vel J.A.C.  Sebuah kerangka analisis untuk penelitian empiris dalam bidang akses terhadap keadilan [A Conceptual Framework for Empirical Research on Access to Justice]. In: Bedner A.W., Irianto S., Otto J.M., Wirastri T.D. (Eds.) Kajian Sosio-Legal [Socio-Legal Studies]. Jakarta: Pustaka Larasan; Universitas Indonesia; Universitas Leiden; Universitas Groningen. 81-114.

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