Denyse Snelder

Denyse Snelder
Phone: +31 20 59 89080 / 89090

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VU University Amsterdam,
De Boelelaan 1105,
1081 HV Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

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Senior Advisor Sustainable Land and Water Management at the Centre for International Cooperation, International Office, VU University Amsterdam.

Educational Background /working experience
Dr. Denyse Snelder has a PhD degree in physical geography from the University of Toronto, Canada. Currently she is the coordinator of the EC-funded collaborative WHaTeR project on water harvesting technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa, co-directing, with the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre (HoA-REC), a NUFFIC-funded project on capacity building for Higher Education Institutes in natural resource management, tourism, and ecotourism in Ethiopia, and a project on livelihood improvement in Kenya. Between 1994 and 2012, she had a position as associate professor at the Institute of Environmental Sciences Leiden (CML) and co-ordinated the Cagayan Valley Programme on Environment & Development (CVPED), a joint research and education programme of the Leiden University and the Isabela State University (Philippines).

Research Focus
She participated in a project on land use planning for sustainable biofuel production in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation between 2010-2012. Her research for the JARAK project concentrated at the status of biofuel production in the Philippines, addressing the different types of biofuel crops, the use of “marginal” lands for their cultivation, and the controversies related to the term “marginal”. Field research was conducted in the provinces of Isabela, Cagayan and Ifugao in Luzon, Northern Philippines. Secondary information was gathered among various government institutions at municipal, regional and also national levels.

Research Location
ooSub Saharan Africa, Ethiopia and Kenya in particular

UntitledSoutheast Asia , Philippines and Indonesia in particular

Contributions to E-Publication


2009        Snelder, Denyse. Biofuel production on marginal lands: potentials and limitations. In: Proceedings of the 6th CVPED International Conference on Changing Landscapes, 2-5 June 2009, Cabagan, Golden Press, Philippines, 348 pp.

2008        Snelder, Denyse J. and  Rodel D. Lasco (eds.) Smallholder tree growing for Rural development and Environmental Services: Lessons from Asia. Advances of Agroforestry Series, Springer, The Netherlands.

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